SpookyColorado.com 2013

Scare Factor: 8.5

Acting: 7.5

Sets/FX: 8.25

Length: 9.25

Overall: 8.38


Kris Kropelnicki

Mournful Manor is a home haunt that I have had the distinct pleasure of reviewing and watching its growth the past few years and it has been quite enjoyable. I’ve truly been delighted as I bore witness to the changes and evolution of the haunt. Scenes have come and gone, characters have as well, but the one constant here is the dedication to the build, the passion to create a haunt that is rich with details and authenticity. The commitment shows in every room and detail.
After hearing instructions on what was and was not allowed inside the haunt, I was cut loose to explore the Manor and the secrets it harbors. I started off in a hallway that was detailed well; it really catches the eye and does a good job of keeping it focused on the main haunt elements and not straying. ‘The theme stayed fairly cohesive as I moved from room to room and it really felt as though I was prowling around in an old manor.
Scares here were good. They were well timed and executed and one scare in particular from an actor was downright sneaky and really got me good. Not only were there good startle scares, but this haunt did an excellent job of keeping my nerves jangled and my senses on high alert. There’s something about continuously feeling nervous that seems to create a different type of scare experience for me, one that settles deep within the core of my being, then festers until it’s so inflamed I feel like my head will burst from the tension I feel. Mournful Manor understands this and does an excellent job of creating that intense feeling of anxiety and I love every second of it.
Acting throughout was done well with some actors really standing out. There is a woman in a veil that became very angry with me for disturbing her supper. She uses one line, but her tone and the most ferocious evil eye I’ve seen in a long time tell me she’s not kidding. She’s really angry and I better get the hell out of her space before I wind up being her dinner. Big Baby and the Butcher have been favorites of mine since day one. Both actors really bring it and their extremely powerful performances stay with you long after you leave the haunt, banging around in your head, filing your night with screams rather than snores. I really love the fact that this haunt recognizes the value of keeping an actor in their same role year after year. Not only does the actor have the opportunity to fully embrace and truly become the character they play, but they are also able to use the maturity of the character to really bring the scene they’re in to life which lends to the authenticity level for me.
The actor in the mask room is the one that really got me. This actor was masterful at moving stealthily through the dark room in a way that kept me wondering where exactly they were at, constantly looking around and over my shoulder in an attempt to avoid getting hammered. My efforts failed and before I could escape, I found myself face to face with the actor and their psychotic ramblings.
Grandma, in the living room with her tv set blaring was not only very good, she interacted very well with us, having an actual conversation, not breaking character once. When I questioned her about Big Baby after we had chatted a minute, she gave me a response that still has me on edge. She said not one word, she just looked up at me from the corner of her eye with absolute contempt, shook her head in disgust and sat back down in her chair. I’m still unnerved from that.
The actors in the clown rooms, while very skilled at hiding in plain sight, allowing them to get great startle scares, lacked the dialogue I would have liked to see. Their weird giggles were eerie, but a couple of great lines from them would have taken their scares to new heights.
Set design this year was well done and while some things didn’t change, others changed quite a bit. The overall length was increased which was nice to see and scenes within were resized, moved or overhauled. New scenes like the trophy room were so well done, they looked as though they had been there all along, blending seamlessly with the scenes that were on either side of them. Although there were a couple of sparse areas in halls and transition points, somehow they didn’t break the flow and gave me a minute to regain my composure. I’m especially fond of going through the closet, which I believe is the largest closet in history. I won’t spoil it by telling you why I’m so fond of it other than to say that it makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. It’s very dark and while it was easy to make out the clothes hanging up, there were other things, laying on the ground that I couldn’t quite see because of the lighting; this really bothered me because while I could tell something was there, I was never sure exactly what was in there, in the dark with me and that was extremely unsettling. A grumpy dog, growling because his slumber in the depths of the closet had been disturbed would have made me scream out loud at the top of my lungs.
Great scares, acting, sets and increased length combined to make for a great experience that really should be seen. It’s very hard to believe, with the level of detail and creativity here that I’m going through some ones garage and yard. Don’t miss this one; it’s an up and coming contender in the big leagues!

Pros: Acting, new scenes, increased length
Cons: Some actors need dialogue, a couple of sparse areas


Alex Gallegos

I’ve never been to Mournful Manor before – indeed never to a home haunt of any kind. But I have (almost) nothing but good things to say about the experience! The funny thing is, there are several aspects of this haunt that are much better than any of the things the big boys are doing. But really, this makes a lot of sense. There’s absolutely no reason a person would put up a haunted house in their garage and back yard and then let people through for free, only asking for donations, if they didn’t absolutely love the idea of doing it. In a lot of ways it’s the absence of a lot of factors that contribute to the greatness of the experience. If you’re not out to make a shitzillion dollars by funneling thousands of people through your doors at almost $30 a head all month, then the freedom of not being in it for the money lets you push the envelope a little more. Couple that with the natural creativity that stems from having to actually make use of your resources and not just buy more stuff to cram into rooms and you’re looking at a genuine recipe for success.
There are incredible sights to see once you get inside, and even though the rooms are built out a converted garage, there’s a level of completeness to them that just makes them feel finished in a way that few others manage. And although there’s so much detail here that you really need to take it slowly and keep your eyes peeled to see all of it, here’s a fun game to play as you go through the haunt – try to figure out where you are in relation to the house. We asked where a couple of the scenes took place after the fact and the answers were a huge surprise to me, just going further to reinforce the idea that these haunters know how to use what’s available to them in order to make incredible experiences out of thin air. I also appreciate the unique use of wall materials – there’s one particularly unsettling room with a strobe light that’s good and disorienting, but I won’t say which in the interest of keeping the surprise intact.
The actors were spot on as they interacted with us on our way through, but a couple of them weren’t timed right, going for the startle scare as we were leaving the room. The idea makes sense, try to get us to turn around scared of something that seems to have materialized in thin air behind us, but by the time we got to that point we were already fully invested in the next room so we didn’t really see what happened behind us.
I don’t want to spoil much of what you’ll find inside – the haunt is quite short compared to some of the commercial pros who have entire abandoned shopping centers to work with, but considering you can get in free there’s not a value : money ratio to speak of. However, I will make mention of the creepiest psycho butcher in a grind house I’ve seen all season, a fellow who will forever haunt my nightmares as long as I live. If you’re reading this… no, I do not want a bite!
PROS – Great sets, a couple outstanding actors, new ideas.
CONS – It’s a bit short but I really can’t complain about that in a free haunt. The only reason I bring it up is because I never wanted the thing to end. Timing was a little off for a few actors.


Marlena Baker

Mournful Manor is a home haunt up in Arvada. What that means is that it isn’t a commercial haunt. There are no investors giving them money. They aren’t charging anyone money to go through the haunt. It’s an experience built with passion and donations, and it is awesome.
Don’t be fooled by the fact that you seem to be entering through the garage. You are, however, that’s no good indication of how long it will take you to get through this haunt. I’m sure there’s some dark magic involved with cramming that much stuff into that amount of space. Mind you, they did give up their entire garage and backyard to do it. The sets are very impressive. With a few exceptions, they built complete scenes. The hallways, trophy room, and dining room were really well built. They feel like part of a house. Then there’s the asylum, which might have been my favorite part of the whole thing if there weren’t so many strong contenders. They used digital screens really well to depict the inmates. Each door had a screen, giving it a very cohesive and complete feel. They even manage to have an outdoor section with corn that is growing in their backyard. That’s dedication. The butcher’s room was another great scene. On top of the usual body parts there were a bunch of scraps of skin hanging from hooks. I don’t see that very often and it was a really nice touch. There were a few weak points for me. The clown rooms, which I’m never that big on anyways, needed some more paint. It wasn’t lacking in design, but the texture of the particle board was still quite visible. I’m really torn about the long section where we had to stoop. It was a good touch, making a space where our escape was hindered if something came out of us. It was also very long and I was hurting a bit by the end and I got caught on the hangers of clothes. If there’s a way they could hang them without hangers, then we would have to push past them without that problem.
The acting was good where it was. The actors were spaced out quite a bit. They made up for it in some areas with animatronics and some really cool sound effects. One area had this really cool disembodied voice. I never really caught what it was saying, as there seemed to be no sanity or reason to it. The snatches I caught were chilling, to say the least, and I never figured out where it was coming from. It followed us through a dark hallway until we moved on to the next room. Another great actor was the Big Baby. He was so mad and he made sure that we knew it. The noises he made were really good creepy inhuman sounds that were still reminiscent of a baby. The butcher was the other star of the show. He was so very crazy! His dialogue was well developed and he had no issue interacting with us as we walked through his room. There was an actress in that room as well, but I won’t spoil it for you. I do think she should start screaming a lot sooner. She waited until the last person of our group was walking out the door, so none of us got to appreciate her performance.
I didn’t really think I would be able to write this much about a home haunt. To my surprise, I could probably ramble on even more; there was so much I liked. A lot of hard work went into this haunt, and it’s one you should take the time to experience this year for sure.


Crystal Gallagher

I had no idea what to expect from my first home haunt, but I did end up enjoying it quite a bit. I was rather impressed at how well they utilized their space, it feels decently long and you quickly forget that you entered through someone’s garage. The sets and props are on par with many of the commercial haunts, and overall, it was a really fun experience.

So, sets. You start by going through different rooms of the manor, which makes sense. Then the theme wanders around, but I found that I didn’t really mind since I was enjoying the rooms. Yes, there are clowns because apparently there have to be clowns, but this is a place with clowns well done. They were really creepy, and excellent at blending in with the props. There was some plain black board walls, but I actually found that I didn’t mind that either, because there was a creepy, mostly unintelligible voice speaking from the other side of it, and I was too busy trying to figure out what it was saying to be terribly concerned about the walls. Loved that sound effect, found that it had a lot more impact than screaming or any of the usual things you’d expect to hear at a haunt. The only part I really didn’t like was the crouching section. I liked the idea of it, to be sure, but it went on for a good bit and had a concrete floor, so you couldn’t really crawl on it. Ceiling was high enough to kind of crouch walk forward, and my neck and back were complaining loudly by the end of it. Put down some padding so that people can crawl and that would fix that right up though.

Mark B. Facebook Review 2013

5 Stars out of 5!
This place is amazing! More scares than any other haunted house I've ever been to. Hard to believe it's free.

Eric S. Facebook Review 2013

5 Stars out of 5! Trust me, It's superior to a " WRONG TURN " and your " FINAL DESTINATION " fears, all at once !! ENTER IF YOU DARE

Kendal H. Facebook Review 2013

Thank you for the scares! Always so much fun!

Reddit.com Review 2013

I just wanted to throw a shout out to these guys. They've been putting on this haunted house for the last 4 years completely free (though they do accept donations) and the level of detail they put into it is astounding. It's one of the best I've been to and that includes large corporate haunted houses.

SpookyColorado.net 2012

Scare Factor: 7.8

Action: 8.3

Sets/FX: 8.2

Length: 7.7

Overall: 8

Kris Kropelnicki

I am often asked by those around me what drives me to endure the grueling schedule that I have during haunt season. It is exhausting beyond measure and there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into making it happen. It is not enough to simply state that my love of and passion for all things scary, macabre and unexplainable runs deep in my veins. It has since childhood. No, something more profound is going on here, and it’s far more lovely a motive than one might expect from someone like me who embraces the dark recesses of the mind.

The reality is that it is truly a wonderful experience to be able to participate in and watch the growth of a haunt from its infancy to full maturity. It’s like raising a child. I recently had this conversation with the original founder of this review team; he feels the same way about our site and our team. He’s been a part of it from the beginning. It’s a richly rewarding experience.

Mournful Manor is one of those experiences that has been gratifying, fulfilling and immensely rewarding over the past three years. From its infancy, three short years ago, Mournful Manor has matured incredibly in a very short amount of time.

Mournful Manor has always taken every critique in stride, asked questions and used feedback to improve their haunt. This is hands down a winning strategy for any owner. Ask for feedback from everyone, keep the good ideas, scrap the rest and always work toward a polished, cohesive production consistently. Mournful Manor understands this and uses all feedback to the fullest. The entire crew is passionate and out to create a uniquely terrifying experience and it shows. The originality in this haunt is what sets it apart from the rest. They aren’t afraid to try new ideas, or execute old ideas in a fresh new light.

Keeping in mind that this is a temporary setup that starts in the garage, there are some challenges to change the scenery into something believable and frightening. The use of “Scene Setters” is quite abundant here, and while I would normally knock some points off for plastic use of nearly any kind, the use here works very well because of the added details that tie it all together.

As I enter the haunt, I am immediately submerged in a creepy old manor style home, complete with a suit of armor that fits in perfectly with its surroundings. The home is filled with cobwebs and dust, which lend authenticity to the theme. As I come around the first corner I encounter an actor that startled me with a loud “GRRRRRRRRRR” and then he was gone. The way he snuck up on me, he could have gotten a bigger jump by making a low snarling noise, or perhaps welcoming me to the Manor in some sinister voice. The fact that he got a startle out of me at all is quite a feat, so he played his part well!

I begin hearing a loud banging coming from around another corner and I come across a sinister soul that’s sitting down to a delectable meal and is upset with me for disturbing her dinner. She was banging on her plate with her utensils to reinforce and make it quite clear that I wasn’t welcome and gave one of the eeriest chuckles I have heard in years. I had chills running up and down my spine and really just wanted to get away from her.

I ran into the grandparents while I was there and initially I wasn’t sure what was frightening about senior citizens until grandpa AND grandma wanted some wet kisses and began coming after me! The entire time they were coming after me, they were also bickering constantly about what was on the TV, channel 13 of course!

Having to duck low to get into the next scene, and having to stay that way for a minute is always disarming. There is a not so friendly inhabitant under there and the constant banging and clanging overhead makes for a nerve jarring experience. There is a way to crank the intensity up here; drag the chains overhead and follow that with the sounds or a very angry, very large dog. “Did we bring Killer inside and lock him up before we started sending people through? I don’t think we did.” Just the thought of encountering a large, protective angry dog while you’re crouched down in a pretty defenseless position is enough to make even the toughest of tough cringe.

Lighting use is great and the way the lighting of scenes switches from dark to light is done very well. Just when my eyes had adjusted to lighting in one scene, I was into another and had to readjust again giving actors plenty of time to get their hooks in me!

The asylum scene is executed great again this season and the actor in there is a natural. He was quite personable as he invited me to stay and allow him to convert me into one of “them”. He had this peculiar little sing-song, rhyming way that he delivered his lines and he interacted well when I spoke with him directly, never once breaking character. He was exceptionally disturbing when he realized that I reminded him of his mother, whom he clearly despises. Excellent job!

The whispers that came from the dark places were so well done that it made my heart and my pace quicken. This actor also did a fantastic job interacting with me and keeping me on edge! I was disoriented from another lighting change and really couldn’t tell where she was at in the room, let alone avoid her; she’s very sneaky! The actor made sure to stay close to me and keep the shivers coming as I tried to leave her scene.

The nursery scene is second to none! I heard the music as I was approaching this room and as I got closer I was able to see just how detailed this space was. The actor here is not what you would expect and it works beautifully!! The actor did a great job of pulling my maternal strings and had me feeling sadness and sympathy for the character; the broken hearted sobbing sealed the deal. As I moved in closer in an effort to comfort the character, I was immediately reminded of why it’s important to give actors their space! Great job!

The butcher’s scene is one of my favorites as well as the actor within. Weaving my way through chains hanging down that are adorned with some particularly nasty body parts gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Had they been wet, dripping with freshness, smelling of death, I would have lost my dinner. The eyeballs were especially exquisite! The actor though, he’s what really rocks this room. He is so naturally sinister when he’s in character it truly defies logic. He has a very intense “Hannibal Lecter” demeanor about him that makes my skin crawl, my mouth go dry and I get a softball size lump in my throat every time I encounter him. Incredible job!

With tricks and treats around every corner, amazing acting and set design that leaves very little to be desired, Mournful Manor delivers again and should be on your list of haunts to not only see, but keep your eye on as they grow in the coming years!

Bill Bevis

This is a private, home haunt. These people REALLY love Halloween—which makes them A-OK, in my book. What fun! Located at the end of a residential cul de sac in Arvada, these folks pull off an amazingly detailed and well-thought-out haunt, AND remain good neighbors. They have a significant investment in good props and developed characters and this time of year, convert the lower level and back yard of their home into something, let’s just say, a bit sinister. It’s a twisted-family theme, and showcases a BIG, unhappy baby (big babies are always creepy), to geriatrics who are spending the rest of their sad lives in a dark room, in front of an old TV. broadcasting only white snow, yelling at each other about what ancient show to watch (“I WANT MATLOCK!”).

There’s a pretty impressive winding corridor, and some good props to examine along the way. The clown room is good. The floating mask room is good. The kitchen/butcher shop is good (the actor there was a little to convincing for my comfort level, and I didn’t really like having him behind me as I moved through the set. Nope. Not one bit). I liked the peeled-skin-off-the-face-and-on-display prop in the kitchen. The actor told one of our party to “QUIT LOOKING AT MY WIFE!” when she stopped for a closer examination. Goosebumps. Brrrrrrr.

There are clusters of hanging mannequins, some with missing limbs. They looked oddly out of context, and I felt like I wanted to get past them—like there was some story here I really didn’t want to know. AND--you know what ELSE these people have??? A CORN MAZE! Just when you think you’re exiting the haunt—you’re NOT! Chainsaw guy makes his ubiquitous appearance (but, how could he not. . . . I guess). The stroll around the side and back to the front of the house upon finally exiting the haunt is filled with really good props and other spooky eye-candy. Nice. These guys are up against big-money commercial haunts. This is impressive.

Pros: Commitment! Big Baby (shiver), acting. Unexpected corn maze.

Cons: Ubiquitous Chainsaw guy. Not a convincing back story/character at entrance. Lack of budget (these guys would take it over the top).

Jason Peterson

This haunt is located in a residential neighborhood. We pull up and the whole front of this house is decked out big time! Even the dog had a costume. We began our journey through the garage and are immediately immersed in a beautiful hallway set with low ceiling. It’s decked and dressed very nicely with detail everywhere you look. I really loved their asylum themed hallway. The actor did a great job. They used an LCD special effect in this area perfectly. I’ve seen this effect used a few times this season by the pro haunts, but Mournful Manor takes the prize!

I can see lots of passion for haunting and Halloween from this group of family and friends. If you get a chance, this is definitely worth a look! Drop a donation and check them out.

Pros: cool layout, cool asylum

Cons: wish it could be longer

Marlena Baker

Mournful Manor is rather amazing for being in someone’s home. They’ve really used the space well. The sets were better than some of the professional haunts we’ve been to and the acting was really good.

They’ve managed to cover the bases well in this haunt. They did a variety of rooms, from clowns to a butcher shop. There were some creepy hanging mannequins in one hallway that worked really well. The nursery gave me the creeps too. The actor in that room was subtle, which worked well. It’s never good to see a giant baby with a baseball bat. There was even a path through a little corn field in their backyard. Did not expect that. Their sets were filled nicely, no room looked too sparse. The hallways were dark and creepy, but they had nice touches, like antique pictures on the wall. There’s a section where you have to duck down and someone’s walking above you. Nice touch that I haven’t seen at the commercial haunts.

The acting was good. They had quite a few actors that were good at blending in with the props. They got some good startle scares from that. The clowns will give you a good scare. They will get right up in your face. Their energy is wonderful. They make you feel like they’re actually after you. The butcher was a great actor. He kept up his character when I lagged behind to look at all his body parts. He didn’t just yell at me to get out, either. All the actors did well. They stayed in character and fit their rooms really well.

Overall, I was amazed by what they were able to pull off. They filled the space, giving us a long experience for a home haunt. They’ve filled it all, too. Even as you walk up, there’s a large, full graveyard scene. Skeletons are climbing up their house, and there’s a ghost in the upstairs window. I really enjoyed it, start to finish.

Pros: Sets, acting, use of space

Cons: Walls need finishing

Corey Dunham

Mournful Manor is a home haunt located on 84th place in Arvada. Even though this is a home haunt do not let that fool you, this haunt has lots going on and has the potential to easily go commercial with a little fine tuning. The acting is great, there is lots of detail used in the set design, and there are some really cool effects used.

Once inside this haunt I really was amazed at how good and big it was for being done in a home. The set design is great and very detailed; as I walked through I noticed the walls were cracked and stressed. The detail was great and they looked realistic. My favorite room here is one that appears to be lined with aluminum foil and has a strobe light flicking very fast. When the strobe light reflects off the foil it creates a very neat effect and is disorienting. This was very original and a great idea done with simple household items, very cool. Also, there is a hallway lined with doors and I realized that I was in an asylum. As I looked into the windows, there were crazy looking inmates that are locked away inside. The monitor screens used were very cool and look real at a glance; I haven't seen these before and liked them.

The acting inside Mournful Manor was very good but I think it could be ramped up a little with more intensity. The actors played their parts well and stayed in character the whole time. The masks and makeup used here were great. My favorite actors were grandma and grandpa. They were intense and had good voices, with great masks that made them look old and disgusting. The acting here was overall very good and believable.

All in all, Mournful Manor is a very cool haunt that is on their way to going commercial if they keep up what they are doing. The acting is good, the sets are very detailed; laid out well, and overall they are as good as some professional haunts I've seen. So, if you have some time and want to go haunting I totally recommend you visit Mournful Manor, good things are happening here!

Kelly A. Facebook Review - 2012

Wow! You guys did it again. Thank you for the wonderfully weird haunt. You added some awesome things this year. The nursery was again my favorite room…creep factor was excellent! Your cornfield was perfectly eerie and your clowns were very fearsome! The gore factor was just right…not too much and not too little! Thank you for sharing your passion for Halloween Horror! For all of my Denver area friends…check out this awesome haunted house! Mournful Manor is a haunt in Arvada (near 88th and Lamar) and is done out of their house. They have a lot of different, weird, and frightening rooms with plenty of actors to scare you! If you fear spiders, clowns, insane asylums, zombie babies, ghosts, monsters, and all things Halloween-creepy, this haunt is for you! They put a lot of hard work into this haunt and it shows. They don’t charge a small fortune to go through, in fact they don’t charge anything…but donations are greatly appreciated.

Brendan G. GarageofEvil.com - 2012

My wife and I toured your haunt last night and it was awesome!! Great job guys!! Just as good as the large expensive haunts in my opinion!!

SpookyColorado.net 2011

Scare Factor: 7

Action: 7

Sets/FX: 8

Length: 8

Overall: 7.5 

Back for its second year as a home haunt, Mournful Manor has all the elements that I would expect to see in a much larger production. There were many times I forgot I was going through the garage and yard of someone’s home because I was so immersed in the scene I was in. The attention to detail here is very good and I could easily tell that a lot of time and planning went into this year’s production. While this is a free haunt, donations are encouraged and they are well deserved, so help the cause out!

The haunt has grown this year and the scares come from unexpected places and scenes. There are the scares you would expect at any haunt; actors sneaking up on you and coming out from unexpected places, however, some of my best chills came from the sets themselves and the creepiness of the actors within those sets.

As I was going through the child’s room I saw an actor on the floor with a very eerie porcelain doll mask on. As this actor sits in the middle of the floor holding a baby doll, he makes the most disturbing moaning noise that sounds like true demented grief. Leaving the room is tricky and I found myself having to duck down low and stay that way for quite a bit which is again, very unnerving. Being in any position other than upright is very disturbing to me simply because I know if something comes after me, I can’t run! Add some light fog and a strobe to this room and many people will be too afraid to go through.

The butcher room is very well done and the set design and props are awesome in here! The props are very realistic and I was hesitant to put my hand out to move the hanging “meat” out of my way as I passed through because some of this meat looked fresh and the hooks used are authentic. The best part of the room is the butcher himself. With very minimal makeup, he completely sells the scene with his demeanor and crazed look in his eyes. Don’t believe me? Check out his picture on the site and see for yourself. He informed me that he wanted my tongue and being the smart aleck that I am, I stuck my tongue out at him. When he came at me with that crazed look that said he was serious, I quickly closed my mouth and kept it that way until I was sure I was far from him. He puts the creep in creeper that’s for sure!

All of the actors did a very good job and were effective in their roles. A couple of the characters need a bit more definition and depth, but overall this is far better acting than I see in most of the large commercial haunts. It is very evident that this crew is not only passionate about what they are doing, but they are playing for keeps! (Bigger commercial haunts, get ready for your next serious competition!)

Some fantastic set ideas give a glimpse into the future of this haunt and I personally cannot wait to see future development as time goes on. The scene that stood out the most for me was the asylum. While a lot of haunts have an asylum scene, I have never seen it done like this! Absolutely brilliant concept that really works well and had my full attention! Genius!

Length has been increased this year and while it is not as long as the bigger commercial haunts, this has good length and feels like it is longer than it is. The layout works and makes good use of the space creating the illusion that this is a much larger area than it really is.

While there are always adjustments and tweaks to be made at any haunt, I find that really all this haunt needs is another year to grow and develop even beyond what it has so far. There is some fantastic creativity here that will only continue to amaze and delight as time goes on. Get out and see what can be done at a home with a crew as great as this one!

Pros: Acting, sets, details
Cons: A couple actors need depth in their characters

Katt D. GarageofEvil.com - 2011

Great job Mournful Manor!  We dropped into Mournful Manor tonight and
had an excellent time.  The detail involved in your rooms is awesome and your actors did a fine job...just the right amount of scare!  It’s difficult to say which room was the best because you did a great job on all of them.  However, the room with the biggest creep factor by far was the nursery!  Outstanding
work everyone...thanks for a wonderful time!

Kelly A. Facebook Review - 2011

Outstanding job Mournful Manor! We really enjoyed your haunt last night. It really was better than some of the haunted houses I’ve been to and paid a small fortune to see! Your nursery is so creepy (in a good way) and the details you added to all of your rooms were amazing. Thanks for a great haunt!

SpookyColorado.net 2010

Scare Factor: 7
Actors: 7
Sets/FX: 8
Length: 7

Overall 7.25

I found a flyer for this haunt in a Halloween store in Westminster and I am glad that I took the time to go and see it. Now, this is a home haunt, but not just any home haunt and really the only reason to call it that is because it is located at a house in Arvada. This was much better than I expected and has the qualities I would see in a professional haunt.
Entering through the garage, I was immediately impressed with the construction. Walls had been built through the garage to make hallways and I really did forget that I was walking through a garage and felt as though I was going through a much bigger production.
Sets were very detailed most of the way through, and lighting was good in all areas. I really liked the cobwebs in here; they were not overly done and were very realistic. Moving through the haunt there was a grandmother in a wheelchair that did a very good job! Her semi incoherent mumblings were very creepy and made me a bit nervous.
I also enjoyed the actor in the dining area, she was good. She was upset because we were interrupting her dinner. Unfortunately, her dinner of choice was related to the grandmother?s mumblings and I think grandma will be very upset if she finds out what happened to the babies.
The child?s room was also very well done. The actor in here had a very disturbing clown mask on that is not the typical variety seen in haunts. While everyone else uses the scary clown mask, this haunt has stepped outside of that box and gone with a vintage style mask that had a face that is happy and demure. This actor merely looked at me with soulless eyes from behind that serene face and I really was rattled by that. This is an effect that worked very well and I am still disturbed by it.
Moving on I had to crouch down and walk under what appeared to be a large deck out into the yard. There were some interesting inhabitants in here and just having to crouch so long made me feel vulnerable. Being confined like that turns up the fear level because you know you can?t run if you have to.
As I went from scene to scene I could hear the low rumbling of a chainsaw. Now, I get ambushed by chainsaws a lot during the season and it is very rare that I see one that actually causes any kind of fear. This chainsaw actor did a great job and should stick with his technique because it works! I wish I could explain it in more detail, but that would give it away. I can say that the constant build up of anticipation was nearly more than I could stand and I really liked it!
The cemetery scene was detailed and well done. I really liked the wolf in here and the actor did a good job keeping the howling going long after he was passed and it added to the ambiance of the scene. Some chilled fog rolling through here would really add to the eeriness of it all.
This haunt did a great job overall and could easily take this attraction pro. In order to make it as a professional haunt they would need a couple of minor additions and adjustments. There were some areas that were sparse in comparison to the rest of the haunt and need some attention. It interrupts the flow of the haunt moving from a very detailed scene to a hallway that is merely lit. Fortunately, this only occurred in a couple of spots, so it wasn?t too distracting.
More actors would turn the fear level up considerably and while there were several actors that did a great job, a couple of them need to work on their role and dialogue to fully immerse guests in the experience.
This was a great first year run and I hope to see more of them next season!! If you get a chance on Halloween, stop by the Mournful Manor and have some fun!

Craigslist.com Review #1 2010

At first I was thinking this was a scam someone placed on their neighbor as it is held in a neigborhood in Arvada off 84th and Lamar. Was I going to lose a liver maybe or just come and nothing would be there? However, this was actually a very well done haunted house! It is a neighborhood HAUNTED HOUSE held at 6099 West 84th Place Arvada Colorado and the sign is not well lit. It is in a cul-de-sac. My friend and I were one of the first to attend but I hope not the last as it was really very well done. The props were excellent and I screamed 3 times. Those with pace-makers and who can't handle strobe lighting be wary. Little kids probably shouldn't go. People who cannot walk and bend over for a creepy low part come and enjoy with caution. It is FREE but donations are accepted and I think warranted. I gave $20. They did a lot of work and you can tell they made terrific nieghborhood haunted house. Given an even bigger venue, I am curious to see what more they could do as they did a very decent job. It was quite enjoyable and yes CREEPY!! Come check it out! MOURNFUL MANOR 6099 W 84th PLACE Arvada Colorado 10/29-31/2010 7pm-10pm nightly.

Craigslist.com Review #2 2010

REVIEW OF ARVADA COLORADO'S NEIGHBORHOOD HAUNTED HOUSE. 7pm -10pm daily October 29, 30 and 31. Yes, it's in a neighborhood, so at first I wandered if it would be a scam or someone was going to knock me out and take my liver. BUT...it turned out to be a legit FREE Haunted House located at 6099 W. 84th Place, Arvada Colorado. It's in a cul-de-sac and so I parked and my friend and I were one of the first to attend. I was surprised and screamed 3 times. Considering this was a neighborhood haunted house, it was surprisingly well done! The props were amazing. Very creepy. I don't want to give a lot away but it is a decent haunted house and FREE. Not little kid appropriate! People with pace-maker's or can't handle strobe lighting probably shouldn't go. Tall people who have a hard time being scared, and crouching through a creepy section that is very low and you literally have to bend over to get through, come and enjoy with caution...but come for a great FREE scary neighborhood haunted house! Also, the sign is not well lit, but there is one over the house. It is real, it is legit, it was actually pretty well done and it is FREE...everyone come and check it out!! FREE Haunted House...very cool :) Donations are welcome but it is FREE!

Craigslist.com Review #3 2010

You have to check out this haunted house in Arvada. I found it on craigslist and decided to take my two boys. It was free what the heck. We got there and it looked kinda lame. I have a 13 yr old and 8 yr old. The people running it were a little uneasy with my 8 yr old doing it. I thought how bad can it be? It's in a home, cant be all that scary. So we went in and WOW!! my son made it 1/8 of the way if that, turned and ran back out. My 16 yr old and I went back in and I have to say it scared the @?&$! out of me!! I would not let go of my son the whole time. It was AWESOME! These people are talented and did an amazing job. I was quite impressed. 6099 W. 84th Pl. in Arvada and yes its a house. It is free but donations should be given and well deserved. KIDS-not a good idea even if you think they can handle it, take it from me, they cant. Im telling you it's worth going to see. They will make it big in the future. PLEASE PLEASE donate cuz what your going to see, free doesn't cut it. The whole city of Arvada must have heard me scream and I watch alot of scary movies. GO CHECK IT OUT YOU WONT REGRET IT. Sat 30 from 7-10 and Sun I think same time. Have a safe and fun Halloween